Community Education

In FY 2023, We Provided 16 Community Education Presentations to the Public

Roxanne’s House CAC Staff is available to provide an array of trainings for the community and organizations. We offer the following trainings:

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

Learn common signs and effects of child abuse including sexual, physical, emotional abuse and neglect and how to report known and suspected child abuse.

How to Respond to a Disclosure of Child Abuse

Can be included in a Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse presentation or it’s own presentation focus. Learn ways to respond to a disclosure of child abuse, do’s and don’ts and steps to take after a disclosure is made to you.

Human Trafficking 101

Focused on Commercially and Sexually Exploited Youth. Learn trafficking red flags, risk factors for trafficking and common misconceptions.

Presentations of the above variation can be provided upon request. Presentations can be modified to audience, for example school personnel, mental health professionals, community members,  daycare staff, law enforcement, etc.

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