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Thank You For Supporting Our First Annual PUT Classic!

To say we are thrilled with our First PUT Classic is an understatement! We raised over $44,000! This event brought so many community members together to support Justin Putnam and his passion for protecting children. Because of you, we will have the opportunity to assist the children we serve to continue participating in a beloved sport, or [...]

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HCWC Receives Large Cryptocurrency Donation

On December 16, 2021 a Charity Auction was held on Twitter by a community of Hedera Hashgraph advocates.  Hedera Hashgraph is a company located in Dallas, Texas.  Hedera is a leading platform for the Internet of the Future.  HelloFutureBuzz, a community host of "Space Talks" on Twitter - @HelloFutureBuzz and @HGraph Punks organized an auction of Digital Art, [...]

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Thank You For Joining Us for Our Annual Auction!

Every year, with every fundraiser that we hold, we are blown away at the amount of community support we have. Despite the pandemic, you have shown up to serve your neighbors in need. We appreciate each and every dollar and item you have given to ensure our 37th Annual Auction was a huge success! Thank you for [...]

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Our 2021 Annual Newsletter is Available!

The Networker newsletter was named in recognition of our Center’s founding, in 1978, by an informal group of women who came together to “network.” Issues of abuse rose to the forefront of concern and involvement, and The Networker began uninterrupted publishing.Members of HCWC who donate $25.00 or more per year, or volunteer or donate in-kind, receive a free mailed copy of The [...]

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Join Us For Our Listen Believe Support Campaign!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month. In recognition, HCWC is introducing our month-long Listen Believe Support Campaign. Our goal is to raise a total of $50,000 for services to support members of the community who have experienced violence and abuse. Throughout the month of April, we will be sharing content across all of our social [...]

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