Community Education

Educating and Inspiring the Community

HCWC offers community education, professional development, informational presentations on issues related to sexual abuse, child abuse, family violence, HCWC services, ways to get involved and more.

Communities without Violence

Though violence against intimate partners may seem like a couple’s or family issue, it’s actually a symptom of larger issues in our communities and society. Building healthier communities and challenging the attitudes and behaviors that normalize violence in our society is the only way to effectively prevent violence. When families, schools, and communities support each other and commit to healthier behaviors, together we can end abuse in our communities.

Presentation Types

Presentations can be tailored to your needs. We travel throughout Hays and Caldwell Counties to promote awareness and prevention education. We can provide the following presentations:

Provides an overview of HCWC programs and services. The presentation also covers how to work with HCWC to stop interpersonal violence by volunteering, donating and supporting our mission.

Discusses the dynamics of sexual assault. Includes statistics, the continuum of sexual violence, legal information, effects of sexual assault, and how to support a friend.

Focuses on the knowledge and skills associated with the prevention of sexual assault. Explores dynamics of sexual violence, healthy communication, setting and respecting boundaries, and consent.

Explores the dynamics of domestic violence. Details risk factors, statistics, why they abuse, why they stay, and how to help someone.

Explores the dynamics of child abuse. Includes children services offered by HCWC, types of abuse, warning signs of abuse, reporting child abuse, and child abuse laws.

Focuses on the knowledge and skills associated with dating violence prevention. Explores topics such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, healthy communication, warning signs of abuse, digital abuse, media literacy, and how to help someone.

Volunteers are essential to the work of the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center and fill a number of roles. Learn the different ways you can get involved and give back.

Self-compassion is a practice of showing yourself kindness and understanding when confronted with personal failings. This presentation teaches the skills needed to respond to yourself and others with kindness and compassion.

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