Counseling Services

CounselingCounseling services at HCWC are provided by professional, licensed clinicians, peer counselors, and masters-level interns. All services are free and offered in both English and Spanish. We serve all victims of abuse, and welcome individuals regardless of gender identity or expression.

Intimate Partner Abuse

  • We provide individual counseling for those who have experienced recent family violence or dating violence.
  • We have a family violence class for people to learn more about the cycle of violence and its effects.
  • We have support groups in English and Spanish for those who have experienced family violence.

Sexual Assault

  • Individuals who have experienced a recent sexual assault.
  • Individuals who experienced sexual abuse during childhood.
  • Partners and family members (also called secondary survivors) of those who have been sexually assaulted or sexually abused as children.
  • Support groups for those who experienced sexual abuse in childhood or a recent sexual assault.

Child Witness of Family Violence

  •  Individual counseling and play therapy are available for children who have witnessed family violence.
  • We provide support groups and group therapy for children who have witnessed domestic violence.

Children who are victims of sexual abuse will likely receive services at a Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC). Our CAC is called Roxanne’s House. Law enforcement and CPS refer cases of abuse to Roxanne’s House, where children age 17 and under will receive services and counseling. You can read more about Roxanne’s House here.

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24-hour HELPline:  512-396-HELP(4357) or 1-800-700-HCWC(4292)