Group Counseling

** This service has been drastically modified in order to maintain our priority of safety for our clients, our staff, and our community. For more information, please call 512-396-4357 (HELP). **

All groups are currently held virtually until further notice for the safety of our clients and staff.

Group therapy helps people work through problems by interacting with a trauma-informed therapist and a group of individuals with similar struggles. In a safe, confidential setting, each group member can share personal experiences, feelings, and issues and receive feedback and support from the rest of the group.

If given advanced notice and when volunteers are available, childcare can be arranged.


Redefine | 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Redefine is a domestic violence support group. It is a casual and small group of people meeting to help each other through the crisis and/or aftermath of being in an abusive relationship. We cover topics such as self-care, coping, safety planning, and healthy relationships. We work together to redefine important parts of our identities such as: what it means to be a loving partner, parent, family member, successful, and independent. People in any stage of considering leaving an abusive partner or rebuilding after leaving are welcome.

“Ahora Que.” | 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Muchas veces cuando pasamos por algo muy difícil como una crisis, nos preguntamos “¿Ahora qué hago o que va pasar?” Este grupo está dedicado a personas que, aunque en un tiempo estuvieron en una relación abusiva, esa relación ya no existe y Ahora Que les ofrece a esas personas un lugar para estar a salvo y convivir con otras personas que les gustaría aprender a sanar emocionalmente.  Las personas que atienden el grupo no solo estarán en un grupo de apoyo y educativo-informativo, sino también conocerán la auto-compasión, que muchas veces es la llave para sanar y seguir adelante. Guardería de niños será disponible mientras haya necesidad.

Courage to Heal – 6pm – 7pm

This group is for adults to provide a space to share support and encouragement while working through issues of recovering from childhood & adolescent sexual abuse.

This space strives to bring together survivors who seek community, empowerment, and a long-term healing process. This group helps identify and process those emotional, mental, and physical consequences to develop more adaptive coping skills. The survivor can begin to make choices about how they want to live their lives in the present.

Women of Color Support Group | 6:30pm – 7:30pm

The group is a psychoeducational support group for Women of Color who have experienced sexual assault. The interested women are to include 10 to 12 participants. It would center on helping establish connectedness to reduce emotional isolation and stress and provide a safe space to develop Self-Care and Self-Compassion skills. These goals would be accomplished through using guided discussions, journal writing as homework, and using the Sister Circle Approach to support integrative identity development.  The Sister Circle Approach operates from the standpoint that through connectivity, support, and strengthening of relationships, women can heal themselves.


Caring Café | 12pm – 1pm

This group is for parents who are co-parenting with abusive partners (former or current). This group will focus on supporting one another by relating to the struggles and associated emotional toil of parenting with an abusive person as the other parent. Topics such as but not limited to healthy communication, healthy boundaries, family safety planning, parenting techniques and strategies to support your children, family violence and child development, and self-compassion will likely be discussed. This is currently an open group with the max limit to be determined by the facilitator.

Harmonize to Heal | 5:30pm – 6:30pm

A support group offering techniques to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression caused by abuse while also strengthening therapeutic skills learned in individual therapy. Do you believe in the healing power of music? Harmonize to Heal utilizes musical activities and creative expression to help clients enhance both their emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills. Participants will learn to apply mindfulness techniques to help control where we place our attention, which can reduce stress – as can music! The group will introduce dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills and explore mnemonic devices that help facilitate memory of a skill – similar to when we learn music. This will help you easily and quickly acquire and incorporate the group’s skills into your daily practices. Research has demonstrated the benefits of music therapy for people with depression and anxiety and is often used to promote mental and emotional health. Join us for this 12-week support group.


Connections | 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Connections is a sexual assault support group is a casual and small group of people meeting to help each other navigate the healing process of living as a survivor. We discuss varying topics such as the social climate’s effect on healing from an assault, self-care, coping skills, boundaries, and common trauma reactions. We work together to reconnect with ourselves physically and emotionally, as well as building healthy connections with others. People in any stage of healing are welcome.

Children’s Activity Group | 6pm – 7pm

This group will focus on activities that promote social and emotional skills. Topics such as bullying, school stress, healthy boundaries & communication, self-image/self-esteem, and coping strategies will likely be discussed. This group is for current client’s children or children who are clients themselves. It is an open group that will be capped at the facilitator’s discretion. If there is a large interest, there is the possibility of this group being split up by age ranges to promote developmentally appropriate interactions between participants.


Survivor’s Rising | 11:00am – 12:00pm

This support group is for people who have been or are currently involved in a violent dating relationship.  It will provide an opportunity to build connections with others who have experienced similar situations.  This group aims to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation by providing a safe and supportive environment for members to explore and process through common themes of abusive relationships.  Discussion topics will also include healthy coping skills and use of self-compassion.  There will never be any pressure for individual members to share their stories if they do not want to.

Friday: No groups

IMPORTANT: Before attending any group you must call 512-396-3404 and make contact with the counselor facilitating that specific group.  People who show up to the groups without contacting the counselor before the group time will not be able to stay and will be referred to call the number to make an appointment for intake if not already a client or an introduction meeting if a client.

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To inquire about groups, please call us at 512-396-HELP (4357)