Forensic Interviews

In FY 2023, We Provided 407 Forensic Interviews to Clients

A forensic interview is a video recorded interview conducted to gather information from a child regarding an allegation of abuse in a non-leading, semi-structured manner.

Forensic interviews are conducted in a child-friendly environment by a trained & neutral forensic interviewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a parent or caregiver cannot directly schedule a forensic interview for their child. All interviews are a part of an official investigative process and are scheduled with the Center through law enforcement or a DFPS investigator. If you suspect your child is being abused, please call the Child Abuse Hotline at 1-8000-252-5400 or make a report online at (  ).

Let your child know they are going to a safe place to talk about what happened. The most important thing they should know is to tell the truth.

When you pull into the parking lot of the Hays Caldwell Women’s Center, you will drive past both buildings towards the back fence. Once you locate Roxanne’s House CAC (toward the back of the left building), you will note four doors, two on either side. Ring the call box on the left for your forensic interview appointment. Let the answering CAC staff member know that you are here for a forensic appointment for your child. Once they buzz you in, you will enter a small waiting room where you will then be greeted by a staff member.

This will be the waiting room where you will stay in for the remainder of the appointment. Be mindful that this is a shared waiting room for all forensic interview appointments and may be occupied by other clients at the time of your appointment.

You will be met by a family advocate and your child’s forensic interviewer thereafter. Your family advocate will meet with you in a private room prior to the interview to explain the process, fill out intake documents, and answer any questions you may have. Once you’ve met with your family advocate, the forensic interview should begin promptly after, in a separate interview room. Once the interview is completed, you will meet with the investigators on your case who can then provide you with additional information regarding your case.

No, only the child and the forensic interviewer can be present in the interview room.

A protective parent or caregiver can bring a child who is scheduled for a forensic interview. Any suspected offenders or prior offenders of child abuse and/or adult abuse cannot be on Roxanne’s House or the Hays Caldwell Women’s Center premises.

Appointment duration times may vary as each child’s experience is unique. We recommend preparing yourself and appropriate family members to be at our center for at least two hours or longer, especially if there are multiple children being interviewed.

Roxanne’s House is the Children’s Advocacy Center of the Hays Caldwell Women’s Center (HCWC) and is an umbrella agency. The Hays Caldwell Women’s Center provides an array of services to adult, adolescent, and child victims of abuse. Roxanne’s House serves child victims of abuse in collaboration with multidisciplinary partners in accordance with the MDT model.