Physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological abuse of one human being by another is unacceptable. HCWC believes that all abuse diminishes or prohibits the full expression of life and growth which is the right of every person.  


The purpose of HCWC is to create an environment where violence and abuse are not tolerated in the communities we serve. The Center will provide education, violence prevention services and crisis intervention to victims of family violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. We will seek the support and resources necessary to achieve this mission.  

Anti-Racist Statement

HCWC stands in solidarity with people of color to hold accountable systems and individuals who continue to use violence and abuse to value some lives over others. We have long recognized that domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and racism are intricately linked.  Power, control, and dominance lie at the center of domestic abuse, as well as racism and any other form of hate or violence. Oppression compounds when racism and domestic violence and abuse intersect. Not only are people of color at an increased risk of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse they are also often faced with disbelief or blame when they disclose the abuse and then punished by support systems ostensibly designed to help. Rooting our intolerance of violence and abuse in anti-racism is critical to combating these realities.  

We have long recognized that domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and racism are intricately linked by the roots of power, control, and dominance.

We are committed to grappling with the complexities of structural racism, patriarchy, and privilege to create inclusive policies and practices. Doing so is essential to building a better world for us all. We must also change our culture that seeks to find excuses for perpetrators and blame victims for crimes committed against them. We must listen to people and communities most affected by oppression and violence and use the privilege and power we hold to foster change. Our agency must face this issue head-on to understand and combat the complexity of power and control in our society.  

HCWC would be negligent in our duty as an organization committed to advancing social justice if we fail to acknowledge that many policies may appear neutral on their face but still create and maintain inequities in all facets of life. Securing housing, healthcare, education, and economic opportunity is a daily battle for many, made all the more difficult by multiple intersecting forms of racism and oppression.  We cannot assume our agency is naturally seen as a safe place by those regularly betrayed and dehumanized by many systems and institutions.  

Therefore, we must assess our own biases, privileges, and allegiances to harmful power structures and people, including re-thinking our outreach strategies and service delivery approach.  

Racism permeates the building blocks of our nation, so being “not racist” is not enough for HCWC. We must be anti-racist. We must work to dismantle the systems that create oppression, hatred, and violence.  

We must be anti-racist. We must work to dismantle the systems that create oppression, hatred, and violence. 

HCWC has one mission: to create an environment where violence and abuse are not tolerated. We are comprised of people with diverse backgrounds and understandings of what it means to be anti-racist. We are all on different parts of this journey together. Some of us are just now learning how white people benefit from systems that oppress people of color, whereas some of us have intimate experience with discrimination, racism and hatred directed against us.   

We are grateful to you, our friends, and supporters, for believing in the work we do. By supporting our work against violence and abuse and joining us to confront the racism that exists in our communities, our systems, and even our lives, we can form a culture where every life is valued, every person feels safe, and we recognize and respect all.