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Donations made to HCWC starting now until March 6th through Amplify Austin will be AMPLIFIED by St. David’s Foundation! Make your contribution go even further to help support victims of abuse in Hays and Caldwell counties.

We will be holding a friendly competition to see which town in Hays and Caldwell Counties can raise the most money this year. Show your town spirit and select your town below to help them win!

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Dedicated to Serving Victims of Abuse

This is the year we felt a MAJOR SHIFT in the culture! Our community has been so much more engaged with helping us CREATE an evironment free of abuse. People are anxious to talk, LISTEN, and share ideas about how we can work together to #stopthehurt. We have not had to fight so hard for survivors to be BELIEVED. It is clear that most people now understand the power abuse has had on each of us, whether we were directly affected or not. People are actively looking for solutions and wanting to provide SUPPORT for this transformation in our society. We are HOPEFUL and excited to see the HEALING and honored to be leaders in ushering in this change.

In 2019, we helped more victims of abuse than ever before with 2,307 victims receiving free, confidential, face-to-face services. Children continued to represent a large number of victims served. In 2019, HCWC provided services to 1,044 children across all programs.