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We envision a future where violence and abuse are not tolerated in the communities we serve.

We provide education, violence prevention services and crisis intervention to victims of family violence, dating violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

In 2021, We Served:

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Take a Virtual Tour of HCWC!

Join us for a virtual tour of the center, where we will give you an insider view of our McCoy Family Violence Shelter, our Dennis and Cindy McCoy Counseling and Resource Center, our Child Advocacy Center (Roxanne’s House), and our Center for Community Partnerships. We hope you enjoy! If you are interested in taking a tour in-person, please reach out to our Chief Development Officer at


Thank You for Supporting Our 2022 Annual Auction!

Every year, with every fundraiser that we hold, we are blown away at the amount of community support we have. This year was no different. Find out how much we raised, see pictures from this year’s event, watch our event recap and auction video, and check out all our wonderful sponsors! Thank you so much for making this year’s auction one for the records!

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We’re Hiring!

HCWC is looking to hire passionate, qualified individuals for multiple positions at HCWC. Positions include Legal Advocate and Executive Assistant. If any of these sound exciting to you or someone you may know, click below to learn more and apply!

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Thank You For Supporting Our First Annual PUT Classic!

To say we are thrilled with our First PUT Classic is an understatement! We raised over $44,000! This event brought so many community members together to support Justin Putnam and his passion for protecting children. Click the link below to learn more and download pictures from the event!

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HCWC Receives Large Cryptocurrency Donation

On December 16, 2021 a Charity Auction was held on Twitter by a community of Hedera Hashgraph advocates. Elisabeth Chase, of HelloFutureBuzz said, “The Community is honored to be working on such an important issue as abuse.”

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We Must be Anti-Racist

HCWC stands in solidarity with people of color to hold accountable systems and individuals who continue to use violence and abuse to value some lives over others. We have long recognized that domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and racism are intricately linked.

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Speak Your Truth. Break the Silence.

We are offering a place for the community to anonymously submit their works for us to share with our supporters. Your story, poetry, art, or advice to your younger self could make a huge difference in the life of someone experiencing abuse, and could even be the motivation they need to reach out for help or to process the emotions they feel from the abuse.

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Providing Transitional Housing to Victims of Abuse

According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence the leading cause of homelessness for women and children is domestic violence and we are seeing that right here in Central Texas. Many victims face homelessness when they flee their abusers and are often unable to find safe, affordable housing. We’re doing something about that. Learn More

Stop the Hurt

A project of HCWC, Stop the Hurt is our educational website dedicated to giving resources to parents and teens on helping victims of dating violence. We created it with the intent of being an online advocate for those who want to help the ones they love and don’t know where to start. Visit the Site!

Community Education

Community Education

HCWC offers community education and informational presentations on issues related to sexual abuse, child abuse, family violence, HCWC services, ways to get involved and more. Presentations can be tailored to your needs. We travel throughout Hays and Caldwell Counties to promote awareness and prevention education. Learn More