Parenting Classes

HCWC’s “Middle Way Family Education Class” is a 10-week program on Wednesday nights which helps families function as a unit. The course takes place twice yearly, beginning in February and October and typically enrolls 30 people per semester. It is appropriate for:

  • Families in transition (going through divorce, moving, separating, etc.)
  • Single parents
  • Young parents (teen moms and dads)
  • Those ordered to attend by CPS, probation, housing authority etc.
  • Children living in any of the above situations

Taught by HCWC’s Non-Resident Children’s Counselor, Middle Way Family Education is for parents who are frustrated by in-family fighting, sibling issues, discipline, children’s grades or lack of respect. Participants learn communication and listening skills, behavior management and compassionate assertiveness to allow for more healthy family functioning. Participating adults, adolescents and children will be engaged in age-appropriate interactive classes which help to increase learning.

Childcare is provided. Enrollment and participation may count towards course credits required by a housing authority, DFPS, CPS or Probation Parent Education Classes.

Classes are formed on first-come, first-served basis; you must be registered to enroll.

To register, please phone Amy Huebel at (512) 396-3404, extension 233.

Click here to see the 2013 schedule.